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Privacy Policy

This document outlines the privacy regulations of Pro Glass Ltd, concerning the Pro Glass Ltd Website.

Respecting your privacy is of utmost importance to Pro Glass Ltd. We have formulated this privacy policy to elucidate how we gather and employ information. For further insights into using the Website, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Upon using our Website or furnishing personal details to us, you acknowledge our collection, utilisation, retention, and disclosure of personal information in line with relevant laws and this privacy policy.

Within this privacy policy:

  • “Members” encompass both Pro Glass Ltd Homeowners and Tradespeople, as defined in our terms and conditions.
  • “Personal Information” denotes data about an identifiable individual, as specified in the Privacy Act 2020.

Data Storage and Security Overview

Pro Glass Ltd’s data is housed on servers situated within New Zealand, undergoing regular updates and patches to maintain their integrity. Our data communications are safeguarded through industry-standard HTTPS and SSL protocols. To bolster security, passwords undergo hashing and salting, ensuring they aren’t stored in plaintext and remain inaccessible through decryption. Specifics like names, phone numbers, and email addresses are retained in our secure database yet stored as plaintext. While job descriptions and profiles are publicly searchable, homeowners’ names and phone numbers remain private. For tradespeople, names are visible on profiles, and phone numbers are disclosed based on certain paid packages. Data backups are transferred and securely stored on Amazon servers. Customer support correspondence might be stored on platforms like Zendesk. Cookies are employed for secure account access and verification. Credit card details, if provided, are not stored by us but entrusted to PCI-compliant third-party providers. Any uploaded ID documentation is exclusively accessible to you and authorised administrative personnel. This data is stored solely on our servers and backups.

Usage of Information

Utilisation of Personal Data

1.1 We shall employ and reveal your personal information in line with the Privacy Act 2020. The reasons for which we use and unveil personal data encompass:

1.1.1 Our quoting services allow Members to submit job requests, which we match with appropriate Tradespeople for quotation. Job requests are conveyed directly to the Tradespeople capable of providing the services. Member-chosen contact details are shared with Tradespeople, and job request details are stored on our servers.

1.1.2 Upon submitting a job request, you explicitly consent to us and Tradespeople contacting you via various means for service provision, account management, addressing account matters, or legitimate business purposes.

1.1.3 When a Homeowner initiates contact with a Tradesperson, Pro Glass Ltd may share specific personal details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, either at the point of connection or subsequently.

1.1.4 To counter accreditation fraud, Tradespeople adding valid accreditations may prompt us to inform accreditation owners about the associated trade account details.

1.1.5 Feedback and reviews regarding Tradespersons’ performance, along with testimonials, may be posted at our discretion, possibly including Member details.

1.1.6 For address verification, entity validation, identity checks, or assessing creditworthiness, we reserve the right to access third-party and public sources using data provided during registration.

1.1.7 In instances of contract breach, personal information may be shared with credit reference agencies to protect our interests.

1.2 At times, Pro Glass Ltd may consider sharing your contact information with partners, always seeking your consent beforehand.

1.3 Personal and account information shall be disclosed when deemed necessary:

1.3.1 To comply with legal obligations and law enforcement.

1.3.2 To aid legal proceedings.

1.3.3 To enforce our terms and conditions.

1.3.4 To safeguard Pro Glass Ltd, users, or others’ rights, property, or safety.

Government agencies such as Police, IRD, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment may request data within their statutory roles.

1.4 In disputes or for Dispute Tribunal proceedings, Members can request contact details from Pro Glass Ltd.

Email Communication

2.1 Pro Glass Ltd sends essential emails during the quoting process and other user-elected communications. Newsletters and marketing materials are sent, with opt-out instructions provided.

2.2 User feedback and testimonials may be collected and published on the Website.

2.3 Referral services shouldn’t be used for spam or policy-violating content.

Membership Registration

3.1 The registration form collects contact and demographic details.

3.2 Tradespeople might need to provide further information, like insurance details, for approval to join the network.

Updating Personal Information

4.1 You can access and correct personal information as per the Privacy Act 2020.

4.2 Access and correction rights are subject to the Act’s provisions.

4.3 Pro Glass Ltd allows altering personal data within your account.

Password Management

5.1 Protect your user credentials and actions associated with them.

Credit Card Security

6.1 Security measures safeguard credit card information, using Windcave for transactions.

6.2 Credit card data is managed through secure channels.


7.1 Cookies assist in personalising user experience.

7.2 Cookies enhance convenience and traffic analysis.

7.3 Users can disable cookies, but this might limit site functionality.

Other Data Collection

8.1 Additional data assists in internal research.

8.2 IP addresses are logged and secured, shared only when legally required.

8.3 Correspondence and feedback might be collected and stored.

Shared Information Usage

9.1 Tradespeople may use shared information for the designated job only.

Membership Removal

10.1 Accounts can be disabled upon request.

10.2 Removal of specific information can be requested and carried out.

Advertising and Third-Party Links

11.1 Advertisers’ privacy policies might vary.

11.2 Third-party links are provided for enhanced user experience.

Information Practice Updates

12.1 Policy changes will be reflected on this page.

12.2 Continued use implies acceptance of policy alterations.

For queries about privacy policies or other matters, please contact us.