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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Pro Glass Ltd. The provision of this website is managed by Pro Glass Ltd. Our primary objective at Pro Glass Ltd is to ensure a favourable overall experience for you. The subsequent conditions detail both our responsibilities towards you and your responsibilities regarding the utilisation of our convenient service. We kindly urge you to peruse them carefully. These Terms are intended to be comprehended alongside our privacy policy and the relevant code of conduct applicable to tradespeople or homeowners.


1.1 Interpretations:

In these Terms, unless context dictates otherwise, the subsequent terms bear the meanings ascribed to them below:

Automatic renewal: as defined in clause 9.6.

Pro Glass Ltd: refers to Pro Glass Ltd, operating under the same name. 

Data: encompasses all information, including personal data, images, and videos, entered into the Website by you or on your behalf.

Direct enquiry: pertains to a homeowner selecting a specific tradesperson from a public profile to dispatch their job request to.

Directory: signifies the compilation of tradespeople profiles.

Estimator: signifies the calculator provided on the Website for homeowners to estimate project costs.

Homeowner: denotes any registered consumer on the Website making inquiries about quotes and services from tradespeople. Tradespeople may also function as homeowners when seeking quotes or services from other tradespeople.

Job Request: holds the meaning outlined in clause 7.2.

Listing: signifies a listing or posting intended for long-term, short-term, or temporary employment/contracting purposes.

Member: refers to either a homeowner or tradesperson.

Membership: pertains to the membership of a tradesperson or homeowner with Pro Glass Ltd, governed by these Terms.

Mobile Application: denotes mobile or tablet applications for platforms like Android or IOS, developed by Pro Glass Ltd to facilitate access and use of the Website and its services.

Privacy Policy: signifies our privacy policy.

Legacy subscription: signifies subscriptions (e.g., Leads Unlimited or Premium Profiles) no longer included in Pro Glass Ltd’s core paid subscription offerings, as defined in clause 9.6.

Profile: Designates a tradesperson’s profile listing within our Directory.

Services: encompasses services provided by Pro Glass Ltd, such as the Estimator, quoting services, tradesperson matching, listings, profiles, account maintenance, feedback forums, message boards, SMS alerts, and any other services introduced through the Website.

Shortlisted: denotes being selected by a homeowner for communication regarding a posted job.

Subscription: signifies an optional paid service offering enhanced features and functionality, as defined in clause 9.6, available through packages (Standard, Business, Advantage).

Success Fee: as defined in clause 9.3.

Terms: refers to these terms and conditions, subject to updates.

Tradesperson: signifies a registered tradesperson on the Website offering quotes and services to homeowners and other tradespeople.

Trade Leads: refers to Pro Glass Ltd matching a homeowner’s job request with multiple tradespeople.

User: Designates a homeowner or tradesperson.

We and us: pertain to Pro Glass Ltd.

Acceptance of Terms

2.1 Summary:

These Terms establish your responsibilities related to accessing and using the Services and the Website. They underline our commitment to enhancing your experience but clarify that we are not liable for tradesperson performance. Honesty in all dealings is expected.

2.2 Acceptance and Changes:

Upon registering as a tradesperson or homeowner on Pro Glass Ltd, you agree to these Terms. Pro Glass Ltd reserves the right to alter or amend these Terms at its sole discretion. Amendments become effective upon posting on the Website. It’s your responsibility to stay updated with the latest Terms. Continued use of the Website and Services implies your acceptance of the amended Terms.

Access to Website

3.1 Registration:

To access the Services on the Website, you must provide the requested Member account details, including name and email address.


3.2 Eligibility:

To use the Services, you must:

Be at least eighteen (18) years old.

Possess the authority and capacity to commit to these Terms.

Provide accurate personal information during registration.

For homeowners, own New Zealand property or have owner permission.

For tradespeople, be a resident, citizen, or entity of New Zealand. If registering for an entity, you agree to these Terms on its behalf.

Use of the Services

4.1 Right to Use:

Complying with these Terms grants you non-exclusive access to the Website solely for using the Services.

4.2 Restrictions:

When using the Services, you acknowledge and agree:

Requests, quotations, and communications through Pro Glass Ltd must be sincere.

All communication must be respectful and not offensive, defamatory, or inappropriate.

The Website must not be used unlawfully.

No harm should be inflicted on the Website, Services, or connected systems.

No automated means should access the Website or its information.

Contact details shouldn’t be listed in profiles or job requests, except for tradespeople’s contact details when shortlisted.

Tax obligations lie with tradespeople or homeowners as agreed.